Why I Absolutely Hate My Invigo Mattress Topper

Prior to a couple of months ago I would have considered myself a well-functioning, productive person. I went to bed at night at a reasonable hour, sprang out of bed in the morning the moment the alarm buzzed and went about my day. I got lots of things done. My clients were well taken care of, my house was clean, my puppy was spoiled rotten, and even the boyfriend got some attention – all was well. And then “it” happened.

I remember it like it was yesterday, a brown shiny truck pulled up, a nice man in a brown shirt and matching brown shorts got out, opened the back of the truck and pulled out a box. The contents of which were about to ruin my life. 

I knew it was coming – the company had asked me to review it – I just didn’t know I wasn’t ready for it.

Initially I was excited. I lugged the box upstairs and prepared for the unveiling. My new Invigo Mattress Topper was here! 

It was the middle of the afternoon so I wouldn’t be going to bed for a while but I was dying to take this bad boy for a test drive. It was just so soft and cushiony – I thought I’d lay down just for a minute or two to see if it felt as good as it looked. It did. Three hours later I woke up. 

And from there it was all down hill. 

It’s all I can think about.

invigo mattress topper

When dinner is over, I want to go to bed. When the alarm goes off in the morning I hit snooze until I just give up and turn it off altogether. If I do finally get out of bed, it’s really tough. I can’t concentrate on my work, I don’t want to eat because that’s time I could be spending in bed. I don’t want to leave the house because what if a fire started and I wasn’t there to save my Invigo?! It’s quite problematic.

My Invigo Mattress Topper is just……so…..very…..comfy. I lay on my tummy, I’m comfy. I lay on my side, I’m comfy. I lay on my back, I’m comfy. Sometimes I don’t even use a pillow. When I’m sad, it’s there for me. When I’m angry, it’s there to calm me down. When I’ve had a rough day, it’s the comfort I seek. 

Invigo, you’ve ruined me. And that is why I hate you. But I also love you. Perhaps I need counseling. 

Ok, ok, in all seriousness I’m actually happily functioning just fine:-) I do really recommend the Invigo Mattress Topper however. I can say without a doubt that I am sleeping much better than I was with my old mattress topper. It’s cushiony without being too soft – so you don’t sink in but you have soft support. The other thing I really like about it is that the outer cover zips off to be washed – this is a very nice feature that my old mattress topper did not have. This is especially helpful because we let our 100lb puppy sleep with us and he can be a stinky slobbery mess! 

One of the reasons we have a mattress topper is because our mattress is very old – if you compare the costs between getting a new mattress versus getting a mattress topper such as the Invigo – it’s a no brainer. My call? Save your money and get an Invigo!

invigo mattress topper giveaway

Invigo has been nice enough to allow one of our readers the opportunity to have your very own 2″ Invigo Mattress Topper for free via our giveaway below.

The Invigo Mattress Topper in the giveaway is http://invigocollection.myshopify.com/collections/toppers/products/2-classic-invigo-topper. Winner may select size from Twin to King (up to a $255 value.) USA & Canada only. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Better Than Before By 2-0-1-4

I’m the I’m-going-to-start-my-diet-on-Monday type of person. Always making excuses to push my getting in shape, getting healthier, getting “back on track” start date one day forward. If I was half as good at actually doing things as I was at making excuses not to do them, well I wouldn’t be writing this blog post. 

Let me back up for a minute. Four months ago I decided to “become a runner”, a month after that, during a 5k race, my heel started hurting pretty bad, fast forward a week and I learn I have a stress fracture in my heel, I’m put into an air cast and find myself on crutches for 6 weeks followed by the entire summer in the boot. Enter my downward spiral into lazy fatdom. 

At first, staying off of my feet was brutal. For as long as I can remember I’ve walked the dog 3-4 miles every morning. As I mentioned, I had started running, I had also started kettlebells, HIIT workouts, and a boot camp. All of a sudden finding myself having to be non-weight bearing was a nightmare. But then I got use to it. Sure there were things I could have done – ab exercises, arm exercises, a little bit of stationary bike here and there, but I felt like non of that “stuff” was going to matter if I couldn’t get out and do my cardio – so I did nothing. 

Finally, Friday a week ago, my doctor gave me the go ahead to wear the air cast part time and start easing back into things like the elliptical and “light” walking – still nothing that involves too much pounding of the pavement. I thought when that moment came I’d be elated, but now I’m finding myself struggling to get going again. 

The big problem is – I really like to eat and drink beer. I have minimal willpower and little motivation to do anything about it. Well I have motivation – I feel crappy all of the time and feel like a lazy blob and know what I need to do about it – I just can’t seem to get back into the swing of things. 

This past weekend I decided to sign up for Weight Watchers and give the whole tracking points thing a go. I officially started tracking yesterday. So far so good. But there is so much more I could be doing. 

I have a FitDesk that I should be spending much more time on. I have an arms and ab regimen that I know works, if only I would do it. These are the things I sit around and think about.

Until yesterday.

I was on Facebook (big shocker there for anyone who knows me) and this post from ViewSport popped up in my news feed:

post from viewsport

Now I’m not usually one to look for signs – but by golly this thing spoke to me. I read, “Don’t wait 5 more months to set New Years Resolutions (that we all know you won’t keep), do something NOW!” Could I really be in the best shape of my life by 2014? I don’t know. Could I try? Yep. 

And so here I am, back on the blog (sorry I’ve been gone so long!) telling you my story and asking if anyone would like to join me. I’ve started a Facebook Group which I invite you to join by clicking here. My thought was that anyone who is interested in using the rest of this year to take positive steps forward, to strive to be better than the current version of yourself in any aspect of your life, can join this group and share and help encourage others. I’ll be sharing what I’m doing, hoping that those who join will help hold me accountable to take my positive steps forward.

So I ask you, who’s with me?!


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Energy Bits Review


When I received my Energy Bits in the mail I was so excited to try them but I ended up getting sick and didn’t want to waste my bits, so I waited for the perfect day.  That perfect day came when we ran the Roar for Autism 5k.  The week before we walked the entire Reachout and Run 5k and even though I had been jogging (not sure if I would even call it that) a couple times that week, I was mentally prepared to have to walk most of the race.  

I took the bits about an hour before the race.  I swallowed them with a glass of water and didn’t chew them, even though you can, and they didn’t have a bad taste.  They are small which made it easy to take the recommended amount.  I don’t know if it was the bits or the fact that I had my best friend running with me but I ended up only walking one part of the entire course.  I was so proud that I didn’t give up and pushed myself.  I was also energized for the rest of the day.

Because I’m trying to lose weight I requested the Skinny Bits.  I decided to take them again during a work day and they really helped with my appetite.  It wasn’t like I didn’t have an appetite the entire day but I wasn’t starving and just had a few small meals at the appropriate times.  Normally, I could eat just for the hell of it but I didn’t have that urge.  They helped me be a responsible eater.  

I felt like everything the bits said they would do they actually did.  I was shocked and impressed.  

Have you tried Energy Bits?  Which ones did you get?

Disclaimer: While I received this item free for review, all opinions expressed within are my own. 

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ZeeBee Threads Review

A few weeks ago I ordered a couple things from ZeeBee Threads and I have to tell you I will be ordering more stuff shortly.  I got these Eco-Friendly Low Rise Lounge Pant in True Navy.  Eco Pant

Super comfortable and really light weight.  They are the perfect lounge pants.  Also the price of these pants at ZeeBee Threads compared to another store I usually shop in with almost the exact same pants is a lot less expensive.  Even though it’s getting warm out I still wear these around the house because of how light they are.  I just took them to Iowa for my brothers wedding and my Mom asked for a pair.  I really liked wearing them while getting ready for the festivities.  I like comfortable clothes and I’m a huge fan of anything with an elastic waist.

I also ordered this 2-in-1 Tee that I wish I could wear every day. 



Again, the price is super reasonable.  It’s also really light weight.  I’ve worn it to the gym and when I’m just hanging out.  When I first opened the package I was worried it was going to be really sheer but it’s not and the other thing I like is that the sleeves don’t squash your armpits.  

Overall I was impressed from the start with ZeeBee Threads.  Their website is user friendly and the shipping was quick.  Everything is pretty true to size and the descriptions are exactly what you are getting.  The low rise pants ARE low rise.  They aren’t like normal sweatpants that you can pull up over your belly button but I think that’s what makes these pants so much more comfortable.  

It also doesn’t hurt that they have Eco Friendly stuff.  Check them out and let me know what you think!


Disclaimer: While I received these items free for review, all opinions expressed within are my own. 

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Reviving a Classic Summer Treat as a Refreshing, Healthy Drink

Hi! Welcome to the blog! I hope you are as excited about this discovery as I am… ‘cuz I’m really really really excited!

Remember this? 

lemons with peppermint sticks

Photo credit: Summer of Eggplant

Deliciousness, no?! What if you could indulge in this classic summer favorite all the time? Even while sitting at your desk at work? Oh, and what if it was actually good for you?

Well thanks to Dr. Oz and a little creativity on my part (pats self on back)… YOU CAN!!

So I was watching Dr. Oz the other day and they were touting the health benefits of peppermint tea… but the gal who was the guest mentioned that she likes to drink hers cold… she said she just puts peppermint tea bags into ice water. Now there’s a super simple idea that had never occurred to me. So I tried it…..and it was yummy! 

Then I spotted the lemon wedges I had just sliced up for my water and the light bulb went off! What if I put a lemon wedge into my peppermint water?? So I tried that and….. WOW!!! It really did taste just like our friend the peppermint speared lemon…. without the sticky gooey mess! Oh and then there’s the health benefits of drinking peppermint tea and lemon water … combined!! (I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist so you’ll have to google to learn about all of that.) You’re welcome:-)

peppermint tea water and lemon

I mixed mine in a 25oz water bottle with about 6 ice cubes, 1 peppermint tea bag and 2 lemon wedges. Hope you enjoy!!

Let me know if you try it out! Thanks for stopping by!




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Where I’ve Been, How To Be A Kind Runner & Today’s Miles Giveaway

Hello! Thanks for visiting the 2 Geeky Girls blog!

Where I’ve Been

Less than 2 months ago, I became a runner. I didn’t just start running, I fully immersed myself into all things running. I got gear, I became a regular at my local running store, Charm City Run, I started participating in #runchat on Twitter, and I fell in love with the concept of running in races, specifically because I loved the idea of challenging myself while helping raise awareness of charitable organizations. 

I scoped out local race calendars and selected 10 races that I wanted to do through October. My race schedule ranged from 5k’s to a half marathon. Looking at this race line up, it wasn’t the training schedule that overwhelmed me, but rather the cost of the race registration fees; in order to run in these races I was looking at having to spend close to $500. $500 that I just didn’t have. So I took a leap of faith… and asked. 

I wrote, “Impassioned Newbie Runner Turned Racer Looking For a Sponsor” and in less than 45 minutes, I had not one, but two generous offers from B’more Organic & Today’s Miles to cover my race entry fees. I couldn’t believe it! I was thrilled and exceptionally grateful. With two offers, Sarah would be able to join me as well. B’more Organic would be her sponsor and Today’s Miles would be my sponsor. 

And so we began racing. 

AK & Sarah at Roar for Autism 5k

At ROAR for Autism 5K

And then injury struck. I had one mile to go in one of my 5k’s and my heel started throbbing… but I kept going and finished with a PR! As happy as I was about that accomplishment – it was clouded by the fact that after the race I could barely walk. After a week of the pain only getting worse, I went for some x-rays and my primary care doctor suggested I see an orthopedic surgeon. Ultimately it was discovered that I have a calcaneal stress fracture and would have to be in an air cast and on crutches for a while. Ugh.  Continue reading

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I Missed My Calling as An Interior Designer

A couple of months ago I entered a Pin It To Win It Contest on Pinterest. While that information may not surprise you, you may be surprised to find out that I was selected as a finalist (at least I was surprised!) 

The contest, hosted by Su Casa, was to design a room using pieces from their store – then three finalists would be chosen and their rooms would go on display in the 3 Su Casa stores in Baltimore for people to vote on…. the winner receives two pieces of furniture from their design! I would really, really love to win! I desperately need new sofas (I’m on my third set of hand-me-downs!) 
My design:
The winners are selected based on Facebook ‘likes’, Facebook shares, Pinterest re-pins, in-store voting, and judges selection. 
I would really, really, really, really appreciate your votes!!!
To vote on Facebook, log into Facebook and go to https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151392460041396.1073741830.42947831395&type=3 where you can ’like’ and share my album. 
To vote on Pinterest, pin this pin to one of your boards: http://pinterest.com/pin/48061920995702925/.
If you’d like to vote in store, my room is on display at The Shops at Kenilworth in Towson, MD – you have to ask at the register for the form to vote. My room is in the front left-hand corner of the store as you are facing the store (as shown in the picture above.)
Voting ends June 15th, so don’t wait!
Thank you so much!
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Hijack My Event’s Twitter Hashtag? Oh No You Didn’t!

#Using #hashtags #on #Twitter #is #all #the #rage #these #days. For a brand or organization, when used appropriately (unlike the first sentence of this post) they can be extremely powerful and beneficial for many purposes – especially marketing and communication.

When you include a hashtag in a tweet, that hashtag becomes a live link such that if someone clicks on it, they can see all of the other tweets which include that hashtag. For this reason, businesses will often include hashtags in their tweets that they feel will help them get on the radar of their target audience. There are however right ways to go about doing this and very, very wrong ways. In the scenario I’m about to describe, the wrong way can have irreversible negative effects.

One of the most popular uses of a hashtag is for promoting events and then using it to categorize tweets during and after an event so that everyone participating can converse and share with their network of non-attendees what they are learning and/or doing.

This week I am at the IFA FranCamp Digitial Media & Technology Best Practices Conference and the hashtag that was selected by the event organizers for everyone to use before, during, and after the conference is #FranCamp.

Unfortunately, there is no official way to stake a claim to a hashtag. If you are wanting to create a hashtag for your business/brand/event or even for personal purposes, the best thing to do is to decide what you would like to use and then use Twitter’s own search or a site like Topsy to search to see if people are already using it for other purposes. If it appears that there are already conversations occurring using that hashtag, it’s best to keep thinking of one until you find one that is not in use. Once you find one that is not already being used, the only way you can really claim it is to simply start using it and let everyone involved with what you’re doing know about it so that then if someone else wanted to use it, hopefully they would run a search and realize it’s already in use, and they would move on to use something else.

So as I mentioned I’m at FranCamp, and so for days leading up to the conference and then up until this point mid-way through the conference, I’ve been closely monitoring the hashtag. I like to see who’s here, follow people who are also attending, see what people are up to, and see what people are learning at concurrent breakout sessions.

Beginning yesterday, I started seeing tweets from an account using the hashtag that I could tell right away was not involved with the conference. Their tweet was not relevant to anything else going on – it was simply a title of an article, with a link to the article on their site and then the #FranCamp hashtag appended to the end. And then seconds later they did it again with a different article. And then again. And again. And so here’s how it appeared in the feed of “real tweets” relevant to the conference:

no good very bad francamp tweets relevant francamp tweets See what I’m saying? But, I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt, thinking perhaps they either saw the hashtag from someone they were following and thought it was a general franchise hashtag or perhaps they were going to be attending the conference and just didn’t quite understand proper hashtag etiquette. So, I responded to one of their tweets asking if I would be meeting them at the conference. No response. I decided I would just let it go. Until they did it again today.

At this point, I was done giving them the benefit of the doubt – not only because I now assumed they were intentionally using the hashtag to get their articles in front of the conference attendees but because other attendees around me who were tweeting appropriately and following along with the hashtag were getting irritated. So I tweeted letting them know that what they were doing was just serving to make people mad and if their  intention was to increase their brand exposure, they were only garnering negative exposure. As you may have guessed by this point, they did not respond (despite the other attendees who retweeted and or piggy-backed on this tweet expressing their frustrations as well.)

After their tweets carried on throughout the day, I noticed someone who I knew retweeting those tweets – so I tweeted to him asking if he was at FranCamp – to which he replied he was not. I then also noticed that the URL in his Twitter bio was the site that all of the articles were coming from – aha! I thought, the perpetrator has been identified. Attempting to be courteous, I did not want to publicly address this with him, so I asked him to follow me so that I could send him a Direct (private) Message.

I simply said that the tweets coming from that other account and that he was subsequently retweeting were making the conference attendees mad and that people were threatening to report that account as spam which could result in the account being suspended. Wouldn’t you like to know if your business account was at risk of being suspended because of something you were doing?

Coincidentally, at the same time, my friend and colleague sitting next to me realized this same person was involved with the account and decided to send him an email heeding the same warning. This time he responded, letting us know the person who was tweeting from that account today, giving us his email address so that we could “explain our concerns” to him. And so, we emailed him and well, I’ll let you read his response your yourself:

response from evil francamp hashtag hijacking villain Come on now. First of all, on breaks, conference attendees are listening to voice mails, running to the restroom and networking – not sitting around wanting to read articles. Second, it wasn’t just one article, it wasn’t just two articles, at the point of this email exchange it was easily 30 back to back to back tweets filled with articles. Give me a break.

I continued to try to be nice by telling him clearly Twitter was not sending him notifications that the account was being marked as spam because I knew for a fact that it was happening. But now we had done all we could do to explain our position and try to give a friendly warning. (Ok well I guess you could say at the conclusion of this post, now I’ve done all that I can do.)

Since our back and forth emails, that account continued to post their articles. At the conclusion of day 1 of the conference today – I can’t tell you how many people came up to me saying that they had seen my tweet and the others and were glad that people were confronting this account. You know how they say negative press is still press – in this scenario, based on what I was hearing – none of the FranCamp conference attendees will be frequenting this site (especially since people know that they’ve been asked to stop and they have out right refused.)

As of right now this account has not been suspended, but, I guess we shall see…

And, just in case you’re curious, if you ever need to report an account for spam:

how to report a twitter account for spam   #Justsayin.

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2 Geeky Girls Scottevest Photo Shoot | #WordlessWednesday

We had so much fun during our photo shoot for Scottevest. More on this later on the blog! 

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