Make Your Images Socially Share-able and Drive Action

Howdy blog reader! Thanks for stoppin’ by. A little preface for this post… I’m not writing this as the authority on this subject – rather I’m going to share with you what I’m doing, what I’ve seen others do, and some tools that you may be interested in trying out.

Ultimately however, I’d love this to be a springboard for further discussion on this topic. I’d love to hear what YOU are doing, what has worked for YOU and what tools YOU have found to be of assistance. So, when you are through reading, let’s continue this discussion in the comments below!

Now let’s get this party started!

So you want people to click on your “stuff”? We all do, right? Therein lies the problem. We all want clicks, we all want shares, and we’re all pushing out content like crazy…. which leads to LOTS of noise out there. So the question becomes, what can you do to stand out?

As you may or may not be aware, this blog was only created a little more than 2 weeks ago. However, I’ve been doing social media and blogging for about 5 years via my social media biz. During that time, I’ve read a ton of social media blogs and I even have one myself. BUT it wasn’t until now, through this blog, that I feel as if I’ve jumped down the rabbit hole into an entirely different blogging world (a happy adventure I might add!) The things that I’m picking up and learning from the bloggers that I am now interacting with, I didn’t get from reading all of the marketing/business/social media blogs.

stand out from the crowd

The biggest takeaway for me so far has been the use of images. Although this is not a foreign concept to me, I’ve done quite a bit of speaking about and wrote a blog post on the trend towards a more visual social media experience – the way that bloggers are using images on the new blogs I’m reading is very….well…. awesome! for lack of a better word. 

Take a look at the image above (in case you missed it), notice anything? It has words! Three-weeks-ago-AK would have added the pretty picture and moved on… not anymore… now I’m using words within my images to help readers form a stronger connection with my message and to make my images a bit more meaningful. Plus, and this is a big PLUS, when people go to pin your content on Pinterest, and your images include words that provide some context with respect to where the pin leads… your pins are much more likely to be clicked and repinned. WOAH. I should probably also note, that if you have NO images in your blog posts, your posts can not be pinned. Major bummer.

You can take this same approach with adding text to the images you are going to post on your Facebook Page and even your personal Facebook. It’s important to note however that  for both your Facebook Page Cover Image (not your personal timeline cover image) and any posts that you wish to pay to promote on your Facebook Page (or in ad creation), an image can not include more than 20% text. If you aren’t going to promote a post though – there is no rule against text in images. 

I’ve actually also started adding text to my images on Instagram to provide an enhanced user experience and add more meaning to what I am sharing. 


calorie counts for washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen from 2 geeky girls instagram

Other things I’ve noticed and like include the sheer size of the images that bloggers are using in posts. (Like you see here.) I find it much more desirable to browse through a blog with a few large images almost as if I’m reading a picture book. 

So what tools am I using for this?

You could use something as simple as Microsoft PowerPoint and type text over your pictures and save the entire thing as an image. I use to use a combination of that and my screen capture tool, Snagit

Lately however, I’ve become re-enamored with PicMonkey. It’s not that I once loved PicMonkey and fell out of love with it – I just wasn’t taking advantage of it like I am now. You see in addition to simply adding text to images, I love varying the font, size, and color. Of course you can do this in both PowerPoint and Snagit, but there just aren’t as many fun options there as you’ll find on PicMonkey. I should also note that PicMonkey is free, unless you want to pay $5/mth to unlock all of the features and fonts (which I do.)

ralphie dog and adelyn baby

My niece:-)

One other thing I’d like you to take note of is the addition of our URL somewhere within the images. We absolutely, positively want you to share what we’re doing on Pinterest, Facebook, etc… but we’d like to get some credit for it ya know:-) And you should do it, too!

PicMonkey handles the online PC stuff for me… but what about Instagram on mobile? I know there are tons of cool things out there for the iPad, but I have the antique iPad 1 without a camera so I just don’t know what those are. I’m also sure there are awesome apps for iPhones but I’m #TeamAndroid. So this is where I need to hear from YOU to share with all of us in the comments below what you use for these purposes on those devices.

On my Android phone, I’m currently using PicSay to add text to my images but I’m not head over heels about it. I would love to find something that does text more like PicMonkey. When I have time, I’ve actually been taking a picture, uploading it to my computer, editing it with PicMonkey and then sending it back to my phone to upload to Instagram. I think we can all agree that is not an ideal situation. So if YOU know of anything better for Android – pretty please share it below! 

One last tip I’d like to leave you with is the collage concept. As you can see in my Instagram photo above, it’s actually two images in one; sometimes a few smaller pictures put together work better to tell a story then one large image. For collage creation on my phone I use Diptic which is awesome when it works but it seems to screw up a lot and the only recourse I’ve found is to uninstall in and re-install it. I do happen to know a great iPad app for this which is InstaFrame. Actually, (pardon me as I think aloud) I believe there is also InstaFrame for Android… so I’m going to have to look that bad boy up!

Alright folks you’ve heard my thoughts, I’ve shared my tools…. and I hope you’ve found it helpful. Remember, this post is for learning and sharing so if you’ve got an idea or a tool you love, we’d love to hear about it, too!

Thanks much for your time!



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  • Books4me

    wow…a lot of great information in this blog post! I know many who can benefit with this article and will share it!

    • 2 Geeky Girls

      Awesome! Thank you:-)

  • Michael V

    Hey AK,

    Today I was making a cover page on my iPhone, and I usually use the Photowizard app, while at home I use ACDSee! Thank you for your post!
    Check out my post as a part of the HowTo contest:
    7 steps to make a better decision about anything

    • 2 Geeky Girls

      Thanks, Michael! And thanks for sharing your post:-)

  • Caroline Jones

    You can also put ‘Calls to Action’ on your image in Pinterest. that is very effective. BTW – popped over from Darren R’s post (great idea, isn’t it!) – Caroline

    • 2 Geeky Girls

      Yes, great tip, Caroline! Thank you for visiting:-)

  • Shelley

    all i need is someone to take my pics, starting with cover photos on FB and use Picmonkey to add LIKE my page, email me or whatever!! time time time..Do you think I can buy some time on fiverr?

    • 2 Geeky Girls

      LOL it’s worth a shot:-) But probably only in 5 minute increments lol!

  • Susie Madden Bentz

    I am just starting to learn about social media, so I have more to learn from you and not so much to share…for now, anyway! Thanks for the info!

    • 2 Geeky Girls

      You’re welcome! Hope to see you back soon:-)

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  • Keri R.

    I’m still a bit of a newbie when it comes to apps, doing fun things with pics then posting them, blogging( I don’t have a blog…..yet) and social media. My hubby was the one who got me started on FB then Twitter. The funny thing about it is that i’m on both a lot more then he is. Lol :D

    • 2 Geeky Girls

      Do you have plans to start a blog??

  • Stephanie Brooks

    Great tips!

    • 2 Geeky Girls

      Thank you!

  • Maggie

    Love the app tips. This is going to be very helpful as I am the office “tech guru-ess” but the bar was set pretty low (we’re a grassroots non-profit). Can’t wait to amaze them with my new talents!! thanks for the tips!!

    • 2 Geeky Girls

      You’re very welcome, Maggie! Got some more sites/apps to share by the end of the week so make sure to check back:-)

  • 2 Geeky Girls

    You’re welcome! Thanks for reading:-) Feel free to come back with any questions along the way!