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Hi:-) Thanks for stopping by! This is a bit of an out of the ordinary post for me… a stray away from my review of awesome products and apps and a break from my daily fitness routines… this idea popped into my head about 5 minutes ago and I am hoping at least one of you will be able to benefit from what I’m proposing (or you’re at least willing to humor me and give it a go!) I’m not trying to change the world here (or maybe I am! But shhh! You’ll jinx it!) but rather, I would just like to hear your feedback and find out whether or not you’re interested in trying it out with me.

So here we go… down the rabbit hole of AK’s ideas…

I woke up this morning, and well, really was up most of the night, with a terrible headache – but instead of giving myself time to take some meds and lay back down to try to get rid of it – I immediately reached for my phone and started digging through emails and Twitter. My head continued to throb, and I continued to stare at the glowing screen. One of my emails necessitated a longer response than I was willing to type out on my phone so I pulled out the laptop. So here I am, raging headache, staring at not just one, but now two screens of headache perpetuating luminosity. 

A few minutes into this “situation” my phone began to seriously lag and the tooltips on my computer were fading in and out.  Being that I was already a bit on edge due to the headache, these added annoyances were really not helping. It was then I had my “Aha!” moment (feel free to let Oprah know.) 

What if “we” all took a time out?  What if instead of just putting my phone down and closing the computer lid, I actually TURNED EVERYTHING OFF?!? Would I actually burst into flames?? 

You see, being the “geeky girl” that I am – I NEVER power down – I’m talking my gadgets and myself. If I’m not in front of my laptop, I’m glued to my phone screen, and as I described at the beginning – these are often simultaneous occurrences. (You should see me when the iPad is out, too!) I’m such an info-maniac, it almost drives me crazy knowing that there are “things” happening online that I’m not finding out about when I can’t be checking my email or powering through my Twitter feed. (To be fair I also manage the social media accounts for many of my clients so much of this time is also spent working.)

power off to power up timeoutaday

So here’s what I did. I gave us all a time out. I turned both my phone and my computer completely off and then I laid down. My intention was not to fall asleep but just relax. I sat my alarm for 30 minutes (fortunately I have an alarm other than my phone!) and forced myself just to be still…. and you know what? It was great. (Hey, I got the idea for this blog post!)

Because I enjoyed “power off” mode so much, I decided it shouldn’t be just a one time thing. I shouldn’t just do this out of necessity when I have a headache or one of my gadgets is acting up – I should INTENTIONALLY give myself a time out once a day because I deserve it. And so I’m wondering, would you like to join me?

My proposal to you is this… much like #PlankADay (which I started 7 days ago and love!) let’s try #TimeOutADay where we intentionally power down and just be. You can sit or lay down – whatever works for you but TURN EVERYTHING OFF. No phones, no computers, no tablets, no TV, no radio, NO DISTRACTIONS. And I really feel strongly that you should actually power these things off and not just put them aside because they need a rest, too (oh and you’re a lot less likely to reach for something if you know you have to go through the effort of turning it back on.)

So what do you say? Are you with me? I’m going to try for 30 minutes each day but you do what works for you – it could be 5 min, 10 min, etc and you could do it all at one time or you could try something like three 10 minute breaks. I know the hardest part is going to be figuring out when to do this, so I say don’t leave it up to “whenever I can I will” – being intentional about it means making it happen so go ahead and put it on your calendar. If you work from home, don’t schedule calls or make appointments during this time. If you work in an office, do it on your lunch break, or take your time out before you drive home in the evening – or when you get home before you get back in front of your technology. 

I’m currently doing bootcamp and the mantra is to “make time for you” such that you make sure you get your daily exercise in… and while I’m completely on board with that idea, I’m suggesting you DO NOTHING during the time out that I’m proposing. So yes, you will have to schedule separate exercise and time out time – but remember you can break it up in any way it works for you. 

timeoutaday hashtag

If you are ready to give this whole “time out thing” a try… let’s make it official! Let’s claim the hashtag, #TimeOutADay and let everyone know what we are up to. AFTER you’ve done your time out for the day, tweet about it and let everyone know you did it and how it made you feel. Can you do multiple #TimeOutADay’s in a row? Go for a #TimeOutStreak and brag about it! 

Let others know you are ROCKING #TimeOutADay by displaying a badge proudly on your blog!

TimeOutADay Blog Badge

Get the code: TimeOutADay Blog Badge Code (let me know if you need a different size.)

So there you have it. Are you with me? Please let me know in the comments below so that we can all help encourage one another… also, if you put the badge on your blog, leave a link to your blog in the comments below so that I can compile a post of blogger participants.

I’m very much looking forward to this and I hope YOU are, too!

If you know of others who could benefit from this idea please help spread the word!!

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Thanks so very much for your time!



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  • 5lita5

    YES!!! I’ve always believed that we ALL need a time-out (on a REGULAR basis)! If you don’t take time for YOU, it WON’T get done, ’cause no one can do it FOR you. As much as all of us (we know who we are) do on a daily basis for everyone else besides ourselves, don’t we all deserve to take 30 minutes just to decompress and be still and silent and self-aware and peaceful every day? I think so. I KNOW so! Thanks for saying what needed to be said AK! Sometimes it’s hard (as women) to realize that we need to worry about OURSELVES as much as we worry about everyone else! :)

    • 2 Geeky Girls

      I’m so glad we’re on the same page!! Looking forward to helping spread the message to others:-) Have a fantastic day! ^AK

  • Keri R.

    Yes, I’m with you, AK!!! I will join you in this time out! We do this with our kids because otherwise they get way too focused on their games, PCs or TV programs. I definitely could use some peace & quiet unplugged time. Thanks so much for this!! :)

    • 2 Geeky Girls

      Wooohooo! So glad to hear it. I NEVER do this. Today is definitely a first for me but did and it felt really great and I will do it again tomorrow:-) Keep us posted on how it works out for you! ^AK

  • Stephanie Brooks

    This is a great idea and actually something I try to do most days. It can almost be a relief to turn everything off for awhile. :)

    • 2 Geeky Girls

      I’m learning that myself:-) Thanks for reading (and writing!) ^AK

  • Jota S

    Did your headache go away during your 30 minute time-out?

    • 2 Geeky Girls

      Yes:-) But I think the Excedrine had something to do with that!

  • 2 Geeky Girls

    You could make it sound like something really cool that only grown ups are doing but because they are so special you’re going to let them in on it too:-)

  • 2 Geeky Girls


  • 5lita5

    My favorite part of #TimeOutADay is shutting the PHONE(s) off. To be quiet & “unreachable” adds an element of empowerment for me. If it’s important & not telemarketing, they’ll either call back or leave a voicemail, so I can do this & NOT worry about missing a call. Have an awesome day & be good to you with a #TimeOutADay today!!

    • 2 Geeky Girls

      That was the best part for me, too. I NEVER turn off my phone but it must be done for me to fully relax and make time out for me! ^AK

  • Mer X

    This is a fantastic idea! I agree that’s so hard to disconnect, as it’s easy to feel like you’ll miss something important. But the world won’t stop turning for half an hour if you’re not observing it online, and taking the time to recharge is so beneficial.

  • Keri R.

    Goodnight!! :) I’m planning on giving myself a timeout right now as a peaceful way to end my evening. I hope you have a wonderful night! Sweet dreams!

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