Poe LOVES the Snow | #WordlessWednesday

Both Sarah and I love the snow and we’ve been being teased by the meteorologists all winter that it was coming and well… it didn’t… until yesterday.

But as much as we love it, it appears my dog, Poe, loves it just a wee bit more:-) 


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  • http://2geekygirls.com/ 2 Geeky Girls

    Doh! Thanks for the heads up, Rob! All fixed:-) ^AK

  • Mer X

    So cute! Glad someone is enjoying this not very springlike weather.

    • http://2geekygirls.com/ 2 Geeky Girls

      I was pretty close to rolling around there with him lol. ^AK

  • http://twitter.com/BooksForMe2 Books4me

    Poe sure looks like he’s having fun! Barrie

    • http://2geekygirls.com/ 2 Geeky Girls

      That would be an understatement:-) ^AK

  • http://2geekygirls.com/ 2 Geeky Girls

    Send it this way! AK

  • http://2geekygirls.com/ 2 Geeky Girls

    That sounds so fun!! I accidentally had the video marked as private but it should work now:-)

    • Keri R.

      Aww,Poe is so cute!!! Just like a kid, doesn’t want to go inside. :D Love it!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/RiVeRnPc Rosemarie Dalley

    D’awww! Poe is sooo cute! My beagle Elvis use to love the snow <3

  • heather trentzsch

    He is so funny. He really does love snow. I love snow too…but I am ready for Spring! Cute video. Cute puppy! ( i call all dogs, old and young, puppies)