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Hello! If this is your first time here, welcome to the 2 Geeky Girls Blog… if you’re a frequent flyer… welcome back!!

We are thrilled to be able to host this giveaway for a product we have fallen in love with!

When we first started this blog (just a wee bit over a month ago) we were also getting started with trying to figure out how to lose some weight and get healthier. For that reason, when we started looking at Twitter accounts we wanted to follow we found ourselves really being drawn to many of the health and fitness bloggers.

After a couple of days of looking at the tweets in our feed I couldn’t help but notice lots of buzz surrounding PRO Compression socks*. This was around the same time I started Boot Camp 13 and my legs were getting really sore during and after my workouts – so much so I felt like I was not really benefiting from boot camp because my legs were too sore to push myself further. So… I read some bloggers reviews about “the wonders of the PRO Compression socks” and was convinced to give them a try. 

I have to tell you I noticed a difference immediately. I wore them during boot camp and then for the rest of the day and slept in them. The next day my legs were like new – the sore, tiredness was gone! 

I couldn’t have been more pleased. I didn’t want to take them off EVER! (They have since been washed.)

Also around that same time, Sarah was telling me that her legs were bothering her after her workouts at the gym. Every time she would text me to tell me this – my response was the same, “You need PRO Compression socks!”

So, when PRO Compression offered to host a giveaway on our blog I jumped at the chance to take them up on their offer to provide a pair for review so that Sarah could finally have a pair and realize how right I was:-)

Here’s what she thought:

I had been complaining of pain in my feet and AK was telling me about these socks she had gotten and loved.  Well last week I texted AK after the gym and told her I got shin splints while running and she responded with you need to get the socks.  Well, I got the socks and wore them to bed that night and in the morning my legs felt great.  I haven’t had shin splints or the pain in my feet since.

She left out the part about me being right, but it’s definitely implied:-)

procompression socks

What’s even more exciting is that I decided to start running this past Wednesday and my PRO Compression socks have helped wonders. I’ve tried to “take up running” here and there and was always just too sore to keep any serious momentum/motivation. This time around I had my PRO Compression socks to wear right from the beginning and I was ready to get right back out there the next day! 

If you’re thinking you may be interested in PRO Compression socks*, too… the folks at PRO Compression have been generous enough to supply us with a discount code you can use to receive 40% off a pair of their Marathon Socks! The code is: BLG13.

AND if you’re feeling lucky… enter to win a pair below!

The giveaway runs from 12:00am ET 4/15/13 to 12:00am ET 4/23/13.

Good luck!

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  • Elyzabeth Tompas-Voyles

    Those look comfy.

    • 2 Geeky Girls

      They feel really good on!

  • Christine Parizo

    My calves would be so happy!

    • 2 Geeky Girls

      They would definitely thank you lol:-)

  • Clinton Munkres

    Yes i have tried compression socks before. They are great after a long run.

  • Rosemarie Dalley

    No, I haven’t tried them before. I would be eager to try them out because I usually have to take 2 rest days in a row due to pain in my feet and legs. Sounds like they would help remedy this issue in my workout routine :)

    • 2 Geeky Girls

      Oh I really hope you get to try them Rosemarie! You sound like Sarah before she got hers:-)

  • Ashley

    I have compression socks and am actually wearing them now because I have shin splints. LOVE THEM!

  • Inciteful

    Soccer teams should get them as team socks.

  • Dawn Rushing

    I love running IN my compression socks, they are now the only things I wear. I really feel like I’ve gotten faster since I started wearing only compression socks.

    • 2 Geeky Girls

      Me too! I won’t go out without them! Can’t wait to see the awesome leg tan lines I get this summer:-)

  • 2 Geeky Girls

    Heya Sarah!! So happy to see you here on the blog!! Hope you’re doing well:-) ^AK

  • Paul Molnar

    I would love to give a pair of these a try. I’m also one of those runners that have issues with lower leg pains.

  • Carrie Capps Hughes

    I wanted to try the sleeves, bought the wrong size socks so don’t get the full benefit!

  • Linda Kirk

    Would love another pair of compression sleeves! They make such a big difference after a long run!

  • Meredith

    I’ve never tried Pro Compression socks before. I have heard rave things about them though and have been thinking about getting some!

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  • applesandglue

    Uh I totally want those argyle socks! So cute!

  • applesandglue

    I’ve tried the socks before… not when running, just after. I like that they help my legs but they do get a bit hot here in Texas. :p

  • Elizabeth Sager

    I wear Pro Compression sleeves and love them, would like to grab a pair of their socks as well! Preferably in some zany color/pattern!

  • Guest

    I have a pair of their sleeves, would love to try their socks in some zany pattern/color!

  • Megan Sutton

    I had tried the sleeves and love them, but I think the socks will be even better for recovery!

  • Maggie

    OMG! I need these socks!! I want to train to get into higher mileage running again, but have been a couch potato now for a while (whoops). The one time I ran a 20k I hurt more days than not (no pain, no gain right? again – whoops).

    • 2 Geeky Girls

      Lol …. a 20k is A LOT… I’m not good at math but I know it’s more than 5:-) Hope you get to try a pair they are awesome!

  • Monique

    I use them after long runs. They’re great!

  • Mer X

    I haven’t tried compression socks, but as the soreness is what keeps me back from upping my distance, this might be the answer. I’d love to try them. I also like the pink–they’re cute too!

  • Meredith

    Love your giveaways Btw, I just noticed wine was one of your words in the header pic, love it!

  • Melissa

    I haven’t ever tried them, but I’ve been wanting to for a long time. I’m a runner and I’m going to start half marathon training again in a few weeks. I would love these for training for my sore legs!

  • Chris

    This sounds like just what I need, especially as I start training for my first marathon this year.

  • Jeffrey Lammers

    I’ve tried other brands and have had success with recovery, especially after the long runs.

  • Rachel Miller

    I am determined to win a pair of ProCompression socks.. I always enter all the contests..but to no avail.

  • Alyson Skodack

    I am warming up to the idea of these socks. I want to figure out the difference between the socks and the sleeves on my legs day 2. The pink are cute!

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  • Cassie Channell

    I have not tried them before but with all of my long miles lately and all of the benefits I really want to!

  • JJ Caraway

    I wear compression stockings and they really help so much. Would love to win these socks

  • Stacie M.

    Would love to try a pair! Have heard great things!

  • Caitlin

    I have never tried sleeves but have run a few long runs, including a marathon, in socks and love them.

  • aliceinrunningland

    I usually use compression sleeves after my long runs, but have not tried the ProCompression brand. Would love to try them out.

  • Cecil Vermule

    I have compression socks. I have a pair Swiftwick and 4 pairs of Injinji Toe socks.

    • 2 Geeky Girls

      I have a pair of those toe socks, too! Altho my toes are super crooked so they feel a bit strange sometimes lol.

      • 2 Geeky Girls

        The only other compression socks I have tried are Brooks and I def like the PRO Compression ones better.

  • nickic61

    I have yet to try compression socks – other than ones put on me when in hospital having my children. Can’t wait to try them.

  • TinaFab

    I have worn CEPs love em. Like the colours of PRO Compression too!! i would love to try em!

  • Justine Teeter

    I haven’t tried compression socks yet but hear they are great!

  • Kelli Eklund

    PRO Compression saves my legs all the time… the only problem is I only have one pair and can’t keep them clean!

    • 2 Geeky Girls

      I know, right?! Need all the compression socks!!!! LOL

  • josephine

    i love love love compression socks!

  • Leah Haynes Lawry

    these are the best socks in the world!

  • Natalie Torres

    I love PRO Compression socks. They are awesome

  • Aimee Carter

    After Saturday’s run I had to run out and buy a pair. Thanks for your coupon code I bought a pair. Now if I WIN a pair I can do laundry 1/2 as much.

  • evelin

    I have 2 pair of ProCompression Marathon Socks and I love them. They make me and my legs happy! :)

  • Brandon

    Ah giveaways! I love it! I’m trying to win a pair of these! I’ve never worn compression socks, but really want to try some out! So pricey though!