Why I Absolutely Hate My Invigo Mattress Topper

Prior to a couple of months ago I would have considered myself a well-functioning, productive person. I went to bed at night at a reasonable hour, sprang out of bed in the morning the moment the alarm buzzed and went about my day. I got lots of things done. My clients were well taken care of, my house was clean, my puppy was spoiled rotten, and even the boyfriend got some attention – all was well. And then “it” happened.

I remember it like it was yesterday, a brown shiny truck pulled up, a nice man in a brown shirt and matching brown shorts got out, opened the back of the truck and pulled out a box. The contents of which were about to ruin my life. 

I knew it was coming – the company had asked me to review it – I just didn’t know I wasn’t ready for it.

Initially I was excited. I lugged the box upstairs and prepared for the unveiling. My new Invigo Mattress Topper was here! 

It was the middle of the afternoon so I wouldn’t be going to bed for a while but I was dying to take this bad boy for a test drive. It was just so soft and cushiony – I thought I’d lay down just for a minute or two to see if it felt as good as it looked. It did. Three hours later I woke up. 

And from there it was all down hill. 

It’s all I can think about.

invigo mattress topper

When dinner is over, I want to go to bed. When the alarm goes off in the morning I hit snooze until I just give up and turn it off altogether. If I do finally get out of bed, it’s really tough. I can’t concentrate on my work, I don’t want to eat because that’s time I could be spending in bed. I don’t want to leave the house because what if a fire started and I wasn’t there to save my Invigo?! It’s quite problematic.

My Invigo Mattress Topper is just……so…..very…..comfy. I lay on my tummy, I’m comfy. I lay on my side, I’m comfy. I lay on my back, I’m comfy. Sometimes I don’t even use a pillow. When I’m sad, it’s there for me. When I’m angry, it’s there to calm me down. When I’ve had a rough day, it’s the comfort I seek. 

Invigo, you’ve ruined me. And that is why I hate you. But I also love you. Perhaps I need counseling. 

Ok, ok, in all seriousness I’m actually happily functioning just fine:-) I do really recommend the Invigo Mattress Topper however. I can say without a doubt that I am sleeping much better than I was with my old mattress topper. It’s cushiony without being too soft – so you don’t sink in but you have soft support. The other thing I really like about it is that the outer cover zips off to be washed – this is a very nice feature that my old mattress topper did not have. This is especially helpful because we let our 100lb puppy sleep with us and he can be a stinky slobbery mess! 

One of the reasons we have a mattress topper is because our mattress is very old – if you compare the costs between getting a new mattress versus getting a mattress topper such as the Invigo – it’s a no brainer. My call? Save your money and get an Invigo!

invigo mattress topper giveaway

Invigo has been nice enough to allow one of our readers the opportunity to have your very own 2″ Invigo Mattress Topper for free via our giveaway below.

The Invigo Mattress Topper in the giveaway is http://invigocollection.myshopify.com/collections/toppers/products/2-classic-invigo-topper. Winner may select size from Twin to King (up to a $255 value.) USA & Canada only. 

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  • Rachel Miller

    UH I want a mattress topper! I get a good night’s sleep usually, but I love love love sleeping in comfy beds, even if they’re not my own!

  • Liz S

    So jealous! Sounds awesome!

  • Nancy Caron

    My daughter has an invigo mattress and I sneak a nap in her bed whenever I can!

  • MJ

    Would love to try one! Sounds great!!!

  • Hailey Wieckhorst

    I would love to try this!!

  • Christina G

    I’m a famously bad sleeper, if this thing can help, I’m game to try it out!

  • Stephanie Ann

    usually I don’t! i rarely sleep!

  • Angela Rhodes

    My husband and I own a farm – and I’m a teacher by day. We both are on our feet from sun up to sun down, so we usually can fall asleep pretty soon after we lay down . . . however, our backs usually ache in the morning!

  • Aimeebix

    I don’t sleep well most nights. I often take melatonin or another sleep aid (or maybe just a few beers) to lull me to sleep. With school starting soon (today, actually), I could really use a nice comfy mattress to sleep on. Hope I win!

  • Aimeebix

    I don’t sleep well most nights. I often take melatonin or another sleep aid (or maybe just a few beers) to lull me to sleep. With school starting soon (today, actually), I could really use a nice comfy mattress to sleep on. Hope I win! (I’m sorry if this got double posted, it wasn’t showing up, so I reposted it).

  • franktan

    I sleep pretty well. Most everywhere. But I do enjoy my own bed.

  • Robin Stephens

    Not well with my snoring husband!!! Lol

  • Debera Kucharski

    I sleep terrible. Would love to get a good nights sleep

  • Jadey

    With a newborn, sleep is critical and often times rare. I’ll take whatever quality sleep I can get these days! Sounds like this mattress topper might be the magic pill for me!